Traveling without corn

One of the things that seems to take so much time, effort and energy is prepping for a trip. I am not talking about deciding which clothes to wear, packing or rounding up a house sitter; it is the food forethought that is needed. To date, I am unaware of any eatery promoting corn free foods and unless you call restaraunts ahead of time, talk to a chef and grill them about their menu, ingredients and forms of cooking you are stuck eating from the produce aisle of the local grocery or taking a lot of food with you.

Two weekends ago we went to my father in laws memorial service. It was just a few hours drive from the house and I knew I would have to take my meals or most of them anyway. The town we visited had many chains and it is not a very raw, organic foodie town. I planned ahead and made a chicken marinade, salad dressing, croutons and planned to buy some chicken there. My favorite grocery has a location there and I figured I had a pretty good chance to get quite a few items there. I also packed some crackers, cookies, fruit and a breakfast bread.

After the service hubbie and I went shopping. I found eggs, cheeses, and red meats that were all safe but no chicken. No chicken was an issue. I had prepped to eat a chicken cesar salad a few times.  I did not have items needed to make a beef meal. They had some chicken where I know the farmers pasture raised them and they mainly ate grass but corn was sprinkled in the fields. I willingly chose to purchase and eat that chicken. I wanted to eat my favorite salad and I was starving by this point.

I think I would have been fine except that due to schedule and not being in my kitchen I did not have the luxury to cook every meal. Breakfast was fine, I dined on the fruit and potatoes the hotel had and my bread. But when it came to lunch I ate the chicken salad for 2 days lunch and then again for dinner. By day 2 I was having some issues pop up. Although, I knew I had done this to myself I was not too happy about it. The last time I had issues with corn-fed chicken was before I switched to grass-fed and I was eating a lot of chicken. Now I was eating chicken that ate a small amount of corn and I had issues almost immediately. That told me my sensitivity was getting worse. I resorted to fruits and veggies until we got home.

In April hubbie and I went on a longer trip and that was pretty much on a vegan diet…except some Mahi Mahi I ate one of those nights. I felt a bit weak and lost a lot of weight. Which is fine but I also weight train 2x/week and run 15+ miles/week. I just could not get enough food in me. I keep telling hubbie it is time we go to Europe again so I will have more options. But for now I need to get better at meal planning and food prep before we go on a trip. I love food and I do not want to go vegan, especially when I have plenty of corn free meats, dairy, eggs and so on available to me!


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