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Happy Monday!

On Mondays I am going to share with you what I ate the previous week and I may share a recipe as well. Please note the menu may not work for everyone due to other allergies you may have. You also need to know that where  I live I can easily purchase grass-fed beef, dairy, eggs, chicken. So due to the foods available to me all the meals are corn free and completely safe.

My sister and her kids have been staying with us so I am not cooking every night. I do cook 4 mights a week and prepare enough for me to eat on the nights she cooks.

Monday: BBQ Chicken, rice and veggies. I make my own BBQ sauce, it is a family recipe I added upon. To date I am unaware of a store-bought sauce that is safe, but also I don’t look too much either since I love my recipe.

Wednesday: Beef tips in gravy, noodles and veggies.

Thursday: Steak, baked potato and veggies.

Saturday: Bowtie Festival (this is a chicken pasta with a cheesy tomato cream sauce)

A good, comfort food, cold weather meal is the beef tips and noodles. It is the kind of meal to eat while curled on the couch watching some football.

(this is just a representation, I failed to get a picture before I cleaned my plate. This shows the beef tips over egg noodles instead of the wehat noodles)

If you would like to try it you need the following:


Beef Broth




sea salt & pepper

wheat noodles


Cut your steak into small pieces and toss with flour, chop a small onion and your mushrooms and add to a skillet that is on med-high heat with a little oil.

Cook until onion is tender and beef tips are cooked thoroughly. Place on a plate and in your skillet add beef broth and flour to make gravy. Stir with a whisk and add flour a little at a time until the gravy reaches your desired thickness. Season with sea salt and pepper and add the meat and onions into the gravy and let warm together.

Meanwhile, boil water for your wheat noodles, cook and drain. Top noodles meat and gravy mixture, Serve warm with your favorite veggies.


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