Benefits to your health and to the enviroment when you eat grass-fed meats

Happy Blog Action Day and Happy World Food Day!!

Since I am a big steak and potatoes gal I want to point out the benefits of grass farming and why grass-fed beef is so good for you.

Here is a steak from a grass-fed cow (on left) next to a steak from a grain-fed cow (on right). See how much more fat the grain fed steak has? Also the coloring is off. I bought these the same day with the same dell by dates and packaged dates  on them. The steak on the right just looks so much healthier to me. What I cannot show you is how tender it is and the ease at which the grass-fed steak is cut. A taste test would be better, afterwards I really do not think you would eat meat form a grain-fed cow again, even if you did not have a corn allergy.

Here are the highlights of why you should eat grass-fed.

Grass-fed beef fat = skinless chicken.

Lean meat lowers your LDL cholesterol.

Lower in calories. A 6 ounce steak from a grass-fed cow has almost  100 fewer calories than a 6 ounce steak from a grain fed cow.

Extra Omega 3’s (that’s extra amount of “good fat” the stuff  you need for heart health, brain health, and helps reduce cancer risk.)

Eggs from pastured hens are 20 times higher in omega 3’s than factory hens.

Grass fed beef is four times higher in Vitamin E. Vitamin E  is linked to lower cancer, heart disease and may also slow down aging.

For more information click here

If you are more concerned about the environment that is a great reason to eat grass-fed too!

  • Grazing cows can help to maintain the landscape.
  • Grass fed cattle promote a more sustainable agriculture.
  • Pasture raising cattle result in healthier (and more) animals (not just including cattle).
  • Organic beef ranching promotes cleaner water.
  • Grazing prevents soil erosion.

For more detailed information on the benefits to the environment click here. Each statement above will be explained in detail.

I also want to point out that milk from a grass-fed cow is so rich and creamy. Cream just sits on top and the jug needs a good shake before you pour it into a glass to drink. In my opinion, it is so good that any other milk you buy off the grocery shelf tastes like water.

How do you find grass-fed beef?

Your local farmers market

Natural Grocers

Eat Wild is a great to use to find grass-fed beef that is local to you.

Need a yummy, comfort food recipe so you can eat your grass-fed beef? Try Beef tips with gravy over wheat noodles.

Happy, healthy eating!



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