Thanksgiving Dilemma

This is the first year I have to completely recreate Thanksgiving dinner. I have some excitement about it but a little dread because there are MANY of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes I cannot enjoy. The up side of it is that Thanksgiving is at my house so I won’t be around so much food that I cannot eat or watch others enjoy those foods.

I have yet to find a corn free turkey so I am thinking a new and different chicken dish is whats needed. Now the sides will all have to be new as well. There are two things I believe I can make, I need to check the recipes but my family is not a big fam of them. I am excited though that I can still make mama’s homemade crescent rolls. I am expecting  them to taste slightly different since I will have to use coconut oil instead of shortening but i am praying it is not that big of a deal.

This week and next I plan to immerse myself in my cookbooks and recipes and see what I can come up with.

At the same time I will be looking for things to make for our annual Christmas Dinner Party as well. Each year I make something different for our 4 course meal. I am a little nervous because I usually have my menu down by now. I always like to make it prior to the party for my family to eat so I can see how the foods work with each other and what tweaking might need to be done to each dish.

I will keep you posted on both dinners and what I come up with.


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