Let’s talk products!

When I had to start shopping for all corn free products it took forever. Going to the grocery store to grab your items when you know where and what to look for is easy and can be super quick. But having to search for all new items not having a clue as to what they look like takes time.

So I figured that I can highlight a few products at a time so you know what ingredients I use in my foods and so you know what the labels look like to make your shopping easier.

My favorite pasta is a Central Market Brand. Unless you live in select cities in Texas you won’t find this brand. But the ingredient list is short and easy for you to use as a guide when looking for pasta: Organic Durham Wheat Semolina. Sprouts carries a brand that is safe for me as well. (same ingredients) I do not have a bag of it currently but it is greenand when I have one I will post the picture for you.

Shortening: I use two different kinds. EfaGold’s coconut oil. Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

With it being coconut this has a sweet taste to it. I have used it in crescent rolls and biscuits and love them just as much using this or vegetable oil.

I also use Spectrum’s Organic All vegetable shortening. Ingredients: Mechanically pressed organic palm oil.

Tomatoes, crushed, sauce etc… Since I do not have a garden nor can I grow tomatoes year round if I had a garden I use Bionaturae Organic Crushed tomatoes.  The ingredients: organic tomatoes, organic tomato puree, organic basil, citric acid, sea salt.

Now the citric acid maybe corny. I have only used this to make pizza sauce. I contacted the company yesterday and got a call back today. So surprised at the turn around time and the wonderful conversation I had with the representative. So some of their products in the can may contain citric acid from corn and some do not. However, their products in the glass jars do not contain citric acid at all. Now for the goodnews…their new harvest will not contain citric acid at all! Due to needing to get current product sold they are unsure at this time when the new harvest of products will hit the shelves. I was told to call back in a couple of months to inquire about the release date and lot numbers as they may have a better idea then.

I have not reacted to their products yet. I have used a few cans so I could have been lucky and gotten some that were corn free in the citric acid. But I am so glad to know I can purchase their glass jar products and be 100% safe and that in the near future it won’t be a worry at all. Bionaturae has a pretty good selection of tomaote products, oils, fruit spreads, fruit necters and gluten free pasta.

Hope this helps with some of your shopping and cooking!


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