Menu Monday: Lesson learned

Happy MLK day!

This week I spent a good bit of time in the kitchen. We had some yummy meals and I also cooked for another family.

My lesson for the week, the big OOPS I made….

I have never been a seafood/fish loving person and never ate it. I heard so many things about how great fish tacos were and since some of my kids and hubbie love fish I thought I whip some up. I know nothing about fish, how they are raised, feed, how to cook etc…. I picked up some Tilapia, made flour and whole wheat tortillas, homemade pico and a white sauce. Ate a taco, wasn’t bad. Immediately felt over full and icky. Next day I was in pain, fatigued and a whole host of other issues…..retraced all my eating then it hit me. Is fish even corn free? Yeah, turns  out that answer is a big fat no. It never occurred to me check on fish….

Anyway, lesson learned, suffered for it…on to the marvelous corn free meals we ate this week.

Chicken & Dumplings

Cannellini Bean Pasta Salad with homemade bread and honey butter

Black Bean and Chicken Soup

Grilled herb chicken, rice and veggies

Chicken and tomato sandwich on homemade bread

And of course the fish tacos…I did not get a picture that meal.

I also made some pumpkin bread, coffee creamer and cookies.

I love making my own coffee creamer and I just love the recipes I got over at Deliciously Organic. I make the french vanilla one. I add more maple syrup though.

You can get the recipe here along with other flavors she makes.

When I make it I double the recipe using 2c of whipping cream and whole milk at a time, 1 cup maple syrup ( I prefer it a bit sweeter)  and 2 vanilla beans.

It is really simple to make and so tasty!

Have a great Monday!


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