Yogurt: A healthy food substitution

I am a Pintrest addict!

I love yogurt! It has to be greek yogurt!

Currently I eat Chobani yogurt without reaction. (I have heard some corn allergics react to Chobani) So when I came across this substitution chart I was pinned it, printed it and use it in my kitchen.



What makes this even better is an article I read that eating 18 ounces of yogurt a day helps fight belly fat! What a bonus for such a delicious food. WebMD has it on their Fat-Burning Foods Slide show

Last December the Livestrong website posted an article How to Lose Belly Fat with Yogurt

I plan to find more ways to incorporate eating more yogurt daily. There are so many benefits: aids in digestion, rich in protein and calcium, filling, low in calories.

My favorite way to use yogurt outside of smoothies and parfait is when I make blue cheese dressing. I love a good blue cheese and crumble it on most anything.

I start with 1 cup yogurt and add blue cheese until it reaches a rich, tangy-ness I want. I use it as veggies dips but when I want it a thinner consistency I add red wine vinegar to thin it out. It is a great topping for a burger or steak, or on a wedge salad.

Anyway you chose to use yogurt in the kitchen you are going to add protein as well as a rich and creamy taste.


*I am not trying to promote nor have I been asked to promote Chobani products.


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