Pickles and more pickles!!!

I have never been so excited over pickles!!!

Until 2 weeks ago I had not eaten a pickle for over a year and I LOVE spicy pickles. So I made my own so I could eat them without issue.

They are the easiest thing to make and so versatile, feel free to add whatever you want I really do not think you can mess it up!

I made a total of 4 different jars, each recipe varying a bit. I also used 2 different vinegars, separately, rice and white wine. I suggest you do not use rice vinegar. It does not have a kick to it like the wine vinegar and here is what my tasting subjects said:

“It’s more of a sweeter pickle”

“Tastes like dirty laundry”

“After taste is like old socks”

After trying all jars the rice vinegar was a letdown. It did not compare with the other jars that used wine vinegar and the pickles lacked that certain bite.

Here are the 2 recipes I did that won the taste tests and that we cannot stop eating.

Spicy Pickle

4 cucumbers (Kirby or any smaller variety)

7 Dill springs (I crushed this a little with my mortar and pestle so the aroma was released)

¾ c wine vinegar

1 ½ T sea salt

1 c water

6 cloves garlic, crushed (or more if you prefer)

The following amounts depend on your preference…if you like spicy you cannot add to much in my opinion.


Peppercorn mix (black, red and green)

Red pepper flakes

Combine salt, coriander, crushed peppercorns and some whole peppercorns, red pepper flakes and garlic and wine vinegar in a jar and shake until salt is dissolved. Add to the water.

Quarter cucumbers and place in a quart sized canning jar, add dill springs and pour liquid over cucumbers, seal jar place in refrigerator.

This pickle has great spice all around. It is hard to eat just one.

Jalapeño Pickles

Same recipe as above but I did NOT crush the garlic or dill. I also halved 1 jalapeño and placed in between cucumber slices with the dill springs.

I love this pickle because you taste the jalapeño and it has some good heat.

What I learned

You can eat the pickles as soon as the next day but they don’t have full flavor. I first tried them after 1 week and they were OK, After 2 weeks they were fabulous and each day they only get better!! I recommend letting them sit for at least 2-3 weeks before enjoying and if you like the heat. If you do not like spice then just omit the red pepper flakes and jalapeño. You can also use a green chili as well.

For a sweet pickle omit peppercorns and garlic and add at least 2 T sugar. Play with how much sugar until you find the sweetness you like. The great thing about making your own is when you try it if it’s not satisfactory just adding something else and place back in the fridge will change the flavor.

Have fun making pickles!!!



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2 Comments on “Pickles and more pickles!!!”

  1. Katrina Black
    July 26, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Yay pickles!!! I haven’t had one in at least a year either, maybe two. I’ll be picking up white wine vinegar to try this out asap. I can’t have corn either. Thanks for sharing recipes!

    • Bronwyn
      July 26, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

      So excited you can have pickles now too! Its the little things we celebrate and are happy to enjoy that we once thought we could not!!

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