Corns 4200+ uses

In case you did not know already corn is everywhere and in everything. Only 0.7% of corn that is grown in the U.S. is for “veggies”. The rest is for everything else.

I came across this the other day from Robyn O’Brien. The problem is those who are allergic can’t get away from it easily, we will constantly have to check the ingredients of everything. It is a sad and funny thought at the same time how corn growers, producers and all those who use corn in their products will have to change when corn becomes a top allergy they will have to deal with in order for consumers to use their products safely. I cannot wait for that day but at the same time I think it will cause a huge hiccup that won’t be pretty.

The following is from 2010 World of Corn- Innovation in Action. Share with your friends and family if they need to be made aware of how prevalent corn is and the hard work it is to avoid it. Oh and the list below is just a few of the 4200 + items corn is in.

There are more than 4,200 different uses for corn products and more are being found each day. These range from aspirin to shaving cream, from latex paint to disposable diapers.

Acetic and amino acids, Alcoholic beverages and brewing, Antibiotics, Aspirin, Baby food, Bacon, Baked goods, Bakery products, Baking powder, Batteries, Blankets and bedding, Bookbinding, Breadings, Coatings and batters, Cake, cookie, dessert mixes, Candies, Canned fruits, fruit fillings, Caramel color, Carbonated and fruit beverages, Cardboard, Carpet tile, Cereals, Chalk, Charcoal briquettes, Cheese spreads, Chewing gum, Citric acid, Cleaners, Detergents, Coatings on paper, wood and metal, Coffee, whitener, Condiments, Confections, chocolate, Corn bread, Corn chips, Corn flakes, Color carrier for printing Cornmeal mixes, Cosmetics, Crayons, Disposable cold drink cups, plates and cutlery, Disposable diapers, Dried soups, Doughnuts, Dusting for pizzas, Dyes and inks Electroplating and galvanizing, English muf!ns Enzymes, Fireworks, Fermentation processes, Food acids, Food coloring, Food packaging, Fritters, Frosting and icing, Frozen and dried eggs, Frozen pudding, Glues and adhesives, Gravy mixes, Hams, Hot dogs, bologna, Hush puppies, Ice cream and sherbets, Industrial chemicals, Industrial filters and water, Industrial sweetener, Insecticides, Instant breakfast foods, Instant pudding mix, Instant tea, Jams, jellies, preserves, Laminated building materials, Leather, tanning Lubricants, Mannitol, Marshmallows, Matches, Meat products, Metal plating, Muffins, Organic solvents, Ore and oil refining, Paints, Pancake mixes, Paper, recycled paper, Peanut butter, Pet food, Pharmaceuticals, Pickles and relishes, Plastics, Potato chips, Powdered mixes, Powdered sugar, Precooked frozen foods, Rayon, Rubber tires, Salad dressings, Salt, Sausage, Seasoning mixes, Shampoo, Shaving cream, Shoe polish, Snack foods, Soaps and cleaners, Spoon bread, Spray cooking oil, Sports and active wear, Spices, Soups, Surgical dressings, Textiles, Theatrical makeup, Tomato sauces, Vinegar, Wallboard and wallpaper, Wine, Worcestershire sauce, Yeast.



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