My green thumb?

This year I decide to garden. It is kinda funny if you know me. I don’t garden, I mean if it requires care and work I don’t do that. I do enjoy the digging up old stuff and planting new, pretty things but after that my track record is terrible. We have Gerber Daisies out front but I do nothing to them. Mother Nature or our sprinklers take care of the watering. I only added new ones this year for more color, but I’ve had one daisy plant around for 4 years and never touched it. Did nothing when it was freezing or snowing or when we had the bad drought last year.

But last month I got some organic seeds and started seedlings of 4 different tomatoes (we love them), cucumbers, squash, green beans and several herbs. There is so much more I would want but I am starting small this year. My thumb may never turn green….

I am doing container gardening. The ground here is terrible and I needed the plants to be in a place I would see several times a day so I would not forget about them. I tried tomatoes a few years ago but they were never in my line of vision, but rather on the far end of the house behind a larger bush. I forgot about them a lot and so they died….

I love that my herbs are also a centerpiece to our deck table too! The little pots are so cute.

I am hoping that the plants will produce great fruits. It would help with the grocery budget some and there is nothing like fresh veggies.

It is a start. One day we plan to move out of the city and have some cows and chickens along with a large garden. of course I plan to have hired help as well.


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