I am shocked!

Lately, I have realized I am so blessed…. I have read and heard stories of other food allergy sufferers who have to constantly fight, prove their point, be repetitive and who feel less than human when others question their allergy and get frustrated by it. That just bewilders me. Allergies to bees or ants do not get the same kind of reaction so why with food?

I have yet to have a run in with someone who was annoyed by my allergy like others have experienced. We all know food allergies are not easy to deal with but to get upset at someone for having an allergy is beyond me. Has respect for others just gone out the window? Why not try to learn more about the allergy and how you can help?

Despite the fact that dining out choices are now greatly limited and my hubbie cannot take me to a once favorite place he is truly supportive. In fact, he is empathetic and wishes I did not have to spend so  much time grocery shopping and cooking. He helps with both. But I also have the same thing with my friends. One girlfriend, buys items I can eat so she can make me something. She carries around the corn names list and has found items to try I may not have thought of. She even made a safe birthday cake for me last year. And my friends are willing to dine where I can grab something safe instead of complain where I can’t go with them and my out-of-town friends have done research to know where I can get food when I visit.

Even people I do not know well or at all have been respectful, curious and sympathetic to my allergy. At worst I have to explain why corn has invaded our foods and how many derivatives there are. It’s an education chat that leaves them overwhelmed. I do get the crazy questions and statements from people, like, “oh you just can’t have popcorn!”, or “there’s corn in that?” and so on….but I know that is simply due to simple ignorance on their part. Before my allergy I did not know all the derivatives of corn so how will someone who has had no experience know either?

I really hate that people are the way they are sometimes, disrespectful, lack of concern, selfish and so on. In all honesty we are all that way, I suppose I am just lucky I have not had the sad and unpleasant conversation others had. It sucks it is that way…to not feel like you can wear your medical ID bracelet alerting your allergy due to ridicule, feeling bad about taking your own food wherever you go, having to constantly explain yourself to the same people….If you are one of those I am sorry that you don’t have more people around you that are understanding and compassionate. I hope and pray it gets better for you and those around you, closest to you become more compassionate and a fighter for you.


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