Menu Monday: Egg Nog French Toast

So did anyone make the pasta from last week?

After last weekends off time from the kitchen I found it hard to get back in there and start cooking. I really enjoyed hubbie taking care of it all. But Monday came around and he went back to work and well I had to as well. The 4 growing like crazy, energetic, eat all the time kids needed food. If only I could eat like them and be so slim 🙂

The most exciting thing I cooked this week was french toast. I had not made it in a while and I doctored it up quite a bit and did not make enough. Everyone wanted more and so let’s get to the recipe first. The rest of the weeks meals are not as exciting.

Egg Nog French Toast

Use any bread, homemade or a safe one you can buy. I used an oat bread. The slices were on the larger side but thin.

10 Eggs

1/2 pint of heavy cream

a few shakes of nutmeg.

Whisk eggs, cream and nutmeg together, dip bread in mixture making sure to coat evenly. Place bread of medium to hot heat, flipping once. Serve with fresh fruit or maple syrup.

This made about 10 slices.

Previously, I only used regular milk and maybe some cinnamon. But I think the cream is the best. More flavor and it tasted a bit like egg nog.

The rest of the week we ate….

Sunday: hubbie made steaks and veggies

Monday: Burgers topped with mushrooms, veggies and onion rings

Tuesday: French Toast, fruit and bacon

Wednesday: BBQ chicken, rice, veggies and fruit (I did not have safe ketchup for me so I made the fam BBQ sauce and I ate leftovers, I so need to order some ketchup!!!!)

Thursday: Lemon herb chicken with pasta in a wine and cream sauce.

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: Taco cups. We would have had some jalapeno poppers too but I charred the heck out of them… 😦

This week hubbie travels and kids have many activities near the end of school so dinners maybe sandwiches, breakfast type meals. We only have one afternoon/evening we are not busy so kids choice may prevail.


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