Corn Allergy getting some attention via the ACAAI

For those of us with a corn allergy we would agree this article could go into a lot more detail and the list of ingredients to avoid is way too short. However, it is good news to read an article pointing out the difficulty of diagnosis and that it is an allergy being discussed more often. I have always felt this allergy is a slow, long, uphill battle to get the attention the top 10 allergens receive, but at least it is being talked about and we can only hope that the discussions increase and grow in detail.

Though not considered a common food allergen in the U.S., corn allergy is increasingly being discussed in doctors’ offices across the country. There is no agreement yet on the number of people in the U.S. with corn allergy.

One study reported 2 percent of nearly 4,500 respondents self-reported they were allergic to corn. Corn allergy can be difficult to diagnose using standard skin or blood tests due to cross reactivity between corn and grass pollens, and other seeds and grain.

Whatever the number, allergic reactions to corn can be very serious. There are published case reports that have reported life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to corn,including reactions to cornstarch used in surgical glove powder.

The U.S. is the world’s largest producer of corn, also known as maize, which is the nation’s top crop. Individuals avoiding corn should avoid both raw and cooked forms of corn.

You can go here to get the full article.


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