Buns & Bread

Don’t you just love the smell of bread baking? I am in heaven right now. I have made hamburger buns, they just came out of the oven and now sandwich bread is baking. The house smell divine. It feels fall-ish, I had a fun bike ride earlier with my little one and we decorated the house for fall.

This is the first time I have made buns and sandwich bread. So far I have just made savory breads, french breads, pitas and tortillas. I would occasionally eat a “not so corny” bread when I wanted toast or a sandwich. But I can no longer get away with that. Although, I hardly ate it I have greatly suffered. The calmer schedule school brings has made it easier for more baking as well. Just hoping todays  baking is not a kitchen failure.

Well, I just googled for some recipes and here are the ones I tried. I will chime in after I indulge in them later.

For the sandwich bread I used King Arthur’s recipe. The hamburger buns I used Taste Of Home. When I make the next batch of burger buns I am going to try King Arthur’s recipe. As you can see for next time I need to make separate the dough a bit more evenly to ensure everyone’s burger fits on the bun beautifully! At least 2 of these are perfect for sliders.

I do have to say, these buns smell great and feel nice and soft but I am leery of them not being the ideal candidate for a hamburger. They also browned more on the bottom. maybe too much. The gal who posted the recipe did state she also serves them as a roll. But we will see, burgers are whats on the menu for tonight and the picky ones will be taste testers…all 4 kiddos!



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