Popcorn Lung

“Popcorn lung is usually found in plant workers exposed to high levels of diacetyl, an artificial flavoring used to give popcorn that buttery taste.  Watson sued the popcorn maker and the supermarket that sold it, Kroger, claiming the companies never warned consumers that diacetyl – also recently linked to Alzheimer’s–was dangerous.”

Here is the story.  And here it is on the Huffington Post.

OK, I really have no words for this. It just increases frustration that our food is not so good for us. And, who thought it was OK to have large amounts of people exposed to large amounts of diacetyl in the plant? Were they made aware of the risks and dangers? Scratch the fact that I never liked popcorn, and cannot eat it or even smell it but using chemicals/ingredients that are/can be dangerous in our foods. Really? Why? URGH!!!!! I just don’t agree with that, can’t agree with it and it is irritating and sad. And then there is the issue for corn allergics, this guy gets sick and he wins $4.2 million!! Corn allergics have serious allergic reactions, life threatening ones and we fight a steep uphill battle with the medical profession, food manufacturers, sometimes our own families to acknowledge our allergy and get the info and help we need!

Yeah, I know the answer… it all comes down to the mighty dollar and if the masses are not screaming loud enough, disrupting our money supply in big ways then there is no change and never will be.



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