Sir Kensington, Please

I do not recall ever liking ketchup. Back in the day when I could order a burger out if it came with ketchup and I forgot to ask for no ketchup it was not a big deal. I never dipped fries in it, poured it on eggs or potatoes or ate meatloaf. However, it was a main ingredient in my barbeque sauce. Yet, a few weeks ago I found myself buying a tiny jar of Sir Kensington Ketchup while shopping at World Market. I thought I’d give it a try and may use it in my barbecue sauce since the homemade ketchup just wasn’t the flavor my sauce needed. So of course I came home and made some french fries for my taste test.

This stuff is so good! That tiny jar was gone in no time. Luckily, I have found the larger jars at my local grocery. Cheap it is not. The 11 oz jars to the left were $4.49 each. So the family will eat the organic Heinz and I will hoard Sir Kensington for myself and my barbecue sauce. I have kept the tiny jar ( I think it hold 3 ounces) so I can easily scoop some in to take with me to the local burger place I can eat at. They serve grass-fed beef and fries cooked in Olive oil, happy to have another condiment to use.

I also loved the spiced ketchup and enjoyed that on the burgers I made last week with the homemade buns. The kids loved the buns as well and we used some for making sandwiches for school lunches. I quickly threw some in the freezer so I had some on hand later when I may not feel like making more.


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