More allergies…..

Kiddo #2 has been allergic to tree nuts since she was 1 and got into a desert I made with a pecan topping. Over the years she has been exposed to them and she is now epi-pen dependant. We had no official test done due to the hives and swelling from her first exposure and watching other exposures get worse. This past summer watermelon became a allergy for her too. She loved it and ate it for years without issue. AND, Sunday we found another food allergy. I am not 100% certain what the allergy is but I am 100% certain it is the BBQ sauce she ate and I am guessing she has a corn (at least corn sugar) allergy.

Some history with my sweet 9-year-old. Since she began eating food as a baby she has been terribly picky. As she grew her picky-ness and attitude over food grew into battles, temper tantrums and ugliness. Basically I feel if it is not some type of carbohydrate she will not eat it with ease. It is a little extreme but the fruits and vegetables she will eat are so few. I have resorted to adding butter and sea salt on her veggies so she will eat them and if she wants raw veggies I make ranch dip for her to dunk them in. Even with all that she will only do broccoli, green beans and carrots, sometimes she will eat tomatoes. As far as the fruits go I can only count on apples and bananas. On occasion she will eat strawberries and sometimes if I make a smoothie she will drink that. However, the texture and consistency of the smoothie has to be perfect. I can get her to eat chicken and beef…other than that the girl will devour crackers, breads and pasta.

She is a tall and very thin child who gains weight so slowly. In fact, she has been a target at school to comments about being too skinny but the child is always eating. So we are working with an allergists now because I feel she may have more allergies and that would be why she is so picky and thin. All the kiddos are on a corn lite diet since I will not cook multiple meals. Their cereals, sandwich bread and some snacks are corny. But the dairy, meats and all things I make are corn free.

Back to her new allergy. Sunday she had her favorite BBQ sauce on her chicken and got hives. After that she ate plain chicken. Monday after school I tested the sauce on her face again and poof more hives and they were itchy. Sunday night they did not itch. There was at least 4 corny ingredients in the sauce plus tomato paste and some preservatives. The corn was corn sugar ingredients (HFCS, corn syrup) not corn proteins. She has had the IgE blood work done but corn was not tested. Her skin tests are not until November 13. I have called the allergists and reported the issue and asked for corn to be added to her testing. I plan to keep her away from corn sugars for sure but my concern is the allergy is something I may be unaware of and we will have an emergency situation on our hands. Luckily, the school has all her meds and action plan from both the pediatrician and allergists and she is aware of the signs she gets for an allergic reaction.

I want my kids to eat a well-balanced meal at every meal and have lots of variety. However, I feel I have to let that go with her and be OK with letting her eat what she wants. I think a lot of her picky-ness comes from her bodies natural aversion to foods because it could be unsafe for her. We are going to start a good multi-vitamin and probiotic for her and hope her body heals some. I am not looking forward to the other 3 kiddos who will want the same treatment and not eat their food. None of them have ever shown signs of allergies and they have not been picky eaters and I really can’t think of foods they refuse for any reason but I know they will put up a good fight and have a prepared argument for it.

Here’s to hoping the next 6 weeks are uneventful!


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2 Comments on “More allergies…..”

  1. October 3, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    Multiple food allergies / intolerances are a real pain, aren’t they? It really stinks. :-/

    By the way, I don’t think there are any corn free multi-vitamins out there last I heard.

  2. Bronwyn
    October 3, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    Yes, they are! I figured as much but she had popcorn at a friends last week and no issue so I am thinking if its a corn starch/protein she may be fine taking one until we know more. I have a dietician friend taking on the research for me. She has many clients with multiple allergies and well, its just one less thing I have to look up 🙂

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