Vacation, traveling and food

Thanks to my wonderful hubbie I was able to get a 5 day vacay. I flew to Richmond to surprise my brother for his birthday and run the Anthem Half Marathon.

Both were a great success. I was also pleased with the food choices I had while there. It was good to be in a city that had lots of fresh, organic stores. It made meal planning a breeze. It also made me even more impatient about Trader Joe’s opening up here in Austin.

During my research of shopping and discovered I will not have to take so much food with me when I travel for Christmas. I shopped at Fresh Market in Richmond and discovered there is one close to mom and dads as well as our BFF’s. I can get dairy and eggs there as well as other products needed for cooking and baking. I did fall in love with Ellwood Thompson’s while in Richmond, it was large and had plenty.

The best part is I even ate out on the night I arrived and it was delicious. We enjoyed the food and atmosphere of this great Gastropub, Burger Bach.

The vacay was fabulous. Great company, good shopping and a fun race on a cold morning. I had a good run and my brothers party was fabulous.

Monday night I returned home to focus on Thanksgiving and what food to prepare and take when we visit family. Then work on Christmas menu, and food prep for our trip. Plus, I think I may continue to train for another race in January. We will see…

Cheers to the festive and busy season.


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