Greek Chicken… and life is just busy!

Where does the time go?! I knew I had not posted in a bit but did not realize it was almost a month ago. WOW!

I am hoping to get back into the routine of weekly menus and more recipes. I just can’t seem to get it all done some days. By day I am a party planner and a social media coordinator for an author, both jobs have been super busy lately with some pretty big deadlines. I have not cooked anything new lately just trying to keep the family fed and get the freezer stocked with goodies so during the summer I am using the oven less.

However a few weekends ago we had some of our favorite out-of-town visitors and I had to throw a good meal together last-minute. So I whipped up some roasted potatoes and stuffed greek chicken and veggies on the side. I had not made the greek chicken in a while and we all forgot how much we loved it! I wish I had gotten a picture of it for you. I think it is a pretty chicken dish.

I have also added the recipes for the seasoning mixes needed for the chicken since store pre-made seasonings are usually corny. If you are making the lemon pepper seasoning be sure to plan ahead. It dries in the oven over night. If you need a quick and tasty appetizer you can serve the stuffing mix on fresh baquettes or on toasted pitas. Be sure to look for olives and capers in wine vinegar only.

Stuffed Greek Chicken


¾ c feta cheese crumbled

2 T organic kalamata olives, chopped

1 T Greek seasoning

1 T capers

2 t olive oil

Juice from ¼ of lemon

Mix together in a bowl.

Cut a pocket into your chicken breast and fill with stuffing. Secure with toothpicks and place in a shallow container.

In a small bowl combine ¼ c olive oil, 2 T lemon pepper seasoning and juice from 1 lemon.

Pour over chicken breasts; can marinade for up to 2 hours. Grill over medium heat flipping once until juices run clear. About 6 minutes per side.

Greek Seasoning

2 t dried oregano

2 t sea salt

1 ½  t onion powder

1 ½  t garlic powder

1 t potato starch

1 t black pepper

1 t dried parsley

1 t paprika

½  t ground cinnamon

½ t nutmeg

½  t thyme

Mix together and store in an air tight container.

Lemon Pepper

½  c peppercorns

3 T dried lemon peel (1 lemon)

Zest the lemon peel & Crack the peppercorns in a grinder; combine and place in a baking sheet. Place in oven overnight to dry. (Leave your oven off) Next day remove and place in grinder to pulverize; store in air tight container.



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