Traveling Corn Free

July has been and will continue to be full of traveling for me. A few small road trips and one trip via airplane. Although I wish I only had to pack a suitcase I feel I have made this packing your food thing a bit easy. I tend to pack a lot of the same stuff to make it easy prep before leaving and almost no prep on the road so I can feel like I am on a vacation and not spend my time in the kitchen.

So here is what I typically pack and eat on trips.


Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, hard-boiled egg (at times pumpkin bread)

Snack: cheese slice, fruit or veggie (carrots or tomatoes)

Lunch: Grilled chicken, fruit, veggies

Snack: apple and peanut butter

Dinner: Grilled chicken salad, caeser dressing and croutons

Sometimes I eat hard-boiled eggs for snacks as well or another yogurt. My fruits are berries, bananas, oranges, apples. I may also take Tzatziki Sauce or a BBQ sauce to dress my chicken with.

I wash, sort and pre measure what I need in appropriate glass jars so all I have to do is grab it and eat. I pack everything in a cooler bag with a jug filled with water, ice and 1/4 c salt to help keep it all cold.


This is just a lot of snack items since we are so limited on what type of foods we can bring and how much.

I load a bag up with fruit, some homemade granola bars, pumpkin bread, croutons, carrots, tomatoes and of course make sure I have my own empty water bottle.


Looks like there are a few items I take but I have not shared the recipe with you. Or if I have my searching efforts for what I have shared on here are  terrible 🙂

I think that will be the next few posts… Pumpkin Bread, Croutons, Piri Piri Chicken, BBQ and Tzatziki Sauces.


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